Exterior classification

The objective type classification of beef cattle is the important tool to express beef performance of an individual animal. The system of the description and type classification is unified of all beef cattle breeds in the Czech Republic. Of course formulation of the point scale for individual traits is special according to the particular breed. The classification is done by trained classifiers, who are appointed by the appropriate certified breeding association.

The description of particular type traits, the body measurements, defects and total score are used for further processing within the performance recording and progeny testing of beef cattle breeds. The description represents the expression of classified trait with the range of points from 1 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) within the biological extremes of classified breed. The classifiers who evaluate the described traits result from the average of the population of classified breed. At the same time, they respect the maximum possible utilization of the whole point scale during the classification of this population and particular age categories.

Classified traits are divided into four main groups:

  1. Body Frame:
    • Body height at hips (real measurement)
    • Body length (visual check)
    • Body weight (real measurement)
  2. Body Capacity:
    • Front chest width
    • Chest depth
    • Pelvis lenght
  3. Muscularity:
    • Shoulder
    • Top line
    • Rump
  4. Breeding Type
    it includes the classification of total sublimity of animal, the balance of body conformation and the sex expression.

The total score is expressed as the sum of all gained points for body frame, body capacity, muscularity and productive type (the maximum possible score is 100, however 100 points doesn't express the "best" or desirable animal). The type defects, and other relevant traits, which are determined by the breeding programme of classified breed, are recorded simultaneously with the description of animal at the classification form. These programmes also determine which of those defects are crucial for the selection of animals.

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