Czech Beef Breeders Association

The Czech Beef Breeders Association (ÈSCHMS) is the organisation, which is authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic to co-ordinate and organise a selection program for all beef breeds reared in the Czech Republic. Since it was established in 1990, the ÈSCHMS’ main objectives are especially:

  • performance recording,
  • evaluation of animals,
  • selection of young bulls for breeding at performance test stations
    (both for insemination and natural services bulls),
  • estimation of breeding values (with assistance of Institute of Animal Science in Prague),
  • keeping of a Herd-Book for all beef breeds,
  • the promotion of beef cattle (shows, seminars), etc.

The ÈSCHMS operates all over the Czech Republic and associates breeders of all beef breeds: Aberdeen angus, Belgian Blue, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Galloway, Gasconne, Hereford, Highland, Charolais, Limousine, Beef Simental, Piemontese and Salers. Since 2010 Aubrac, Parthenaise, Shorthorn and Texas Longhorn and later also Bazadaise, Maine-Anjou, Wagyu, Bruna d'Andorra, Vosgienne, Dexter, Pinzgauer, Uckermärker and Chianina.

Within the ÈSCHMS, breeders’ clubs for particular breeds have been established. These breeders’ clubs are independent in coordinating the breeding aims and tools of a particular breed – they assign the selection program, standard of breeds and all other matters regarding their breed.

Currently, the ÈSCHMS has 1110 members, 648 are recorded breeders (as to 30.9.2020).

The national system of testing bulls for breeding is carried out at performance test stations, which must be approved by Czech Beef Breeders Association for that purpose. In 2003 there were six main stations in the Czech republic. Only the bulls from selected mothers and fathers can enter the performance test station – bull-calves born from assortative matings of bull-dams x bull-sires. The bull as well as his parents must fulfil the criteria of the selection program. Inspectors of the Czech Beef Breeders Association supervise that the bulls are bred and fattened according to the correct testing methods. They also measure and weigh the bulls before they enter the station, during the test and at the end of the test period. At the age of 13 months the test ends and on the basis of performance, breeding values, exterior and fulfilment of breed standard, a panel of breeders selects the bulls.

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