Meat qualities

The Belgian Blue breed has been selected by the breeders to satisfy the consumer's expectations. The breed is not only characterized by the quantity of produced meat, but also by its quality. Its high nutritional value is determined by 4 main elements: the meat is rich in high biological quality protein, in vitamins B3 and B12, in iron and zinc, both being on an easily assimilated form. The Belgian Blue meat is recommended by doctors and dieticians. Indeed, it contains less cholesterol (+/- 45 mg/100g) than skinless chicken meat (+/- 62 mg/100g). Moreover the BB meat contains on average 5% fat, that is to say 2 to 3 times less than the meat produced by other breeds. Its lipid composition is characterized by a good fatty acids balance; fat of such quality is not unhealthy. The meat is very tender because of the finer fibers and lower percentage of tough connective tissue. Belgian Blue meats require about 1/3 less cooking time than standard beef.

Belgian Blues offer consumers exactly what they want: naturally lean, tender and tasty meat, produced with respect for the animal wellbeing and the food safety.

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